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Start keeping a professional exercise journal today. Join the group of the best bodybuilders in the world. BodyArchitect lets you to make your journals public for other users to read. You don’t feel like sharing your results with the rest of the world just yet? No problem – you can limit other people’s access to your journal.

Imagine that you can get a sneak peek on how the best bodybuilders in the world exercise. You see what exercises they do and what supplements they take. Imagine that you could have access to this information anytime – while you’re at home, preparing a new exercise plan and when you’re at the gym. Do you think that it will help you succeed?

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Create a professional journey where you can write down an unlimited amount of workout sessions, supplements, measurements and other valuable information…

While working out at the gym you get valuable experience every month. Share your journal with other users and show your personal way to work out. Keep a blog where you describe your attitude to diet and the way of living. Let others learn from you…

Check your progress regularly. Thanks to advanced charts and statistics, BodyArchitect will clearly show you your progress during the last year, which elements of the workout are good for you and which you can reject…

BodyArchitect has a databasebase of over 200 exercises together with descriptions. You don’t know how to exercise? This is a program just for you. Take advantage of the large database of ready to use workout plans and watch how you grow…

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Bodybuilding means getting to know your body throughout the life. Reaching perfection requires years of hard work. Use the knowledge and experience of other bodybuilders. You can follow journals and blogs of beginners and more advanced bodybuilders. Get to know other’s ways for reaching impressive muscle mass…

Do you sometimes get the feeling that your friends don’t understand you? Do they look at you like you lost your mind when the gym becomes your life? BodyArchitect connects people who take bodybuilding and fitness seriously. Get to know people who are as obsessed with the gym as you are…

Do you have your favorite exercises? Would you like to know which workout plans are most recommended by other bodybuilders? BodyArchitect makes it possible to rate and comment both exercises and workout plans. Advanced search will let you find the plans with highest ratings...

Download the program and join our community today. You can use the program for free so what are you waiting for?

To get a muscle mass that is above average, your approach to the workout has to be above average as well. Take a look around your gym. How many people there look like aliens from a different planet? And how many are slackers that don’t look like that? Think about why most people who work out don’t have great results. Bodybuilding is not an easy sport, it requires many years of hard work. Only a few people have amazing results, only those who work out professionally.



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