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Monday, 28 June 2010 21:10


Do you like to work out at a gym? Is it a relaxing way to spend your free time during which you don’t have anything better to do? Many people work out at a gym without a plan, they don’t know how to work out and above all they don’t know if what they do has any results or not.

You can say that you have a mirror so you will see the effects. If this is the start of your adventure with sports, then your assumptions are probably right. In the beginning your body has the biggest muscle mass growth, so after half a year there is a big possibility that the mirror will “tell” you if your workout has paid off or not.

However life is not a fairytale ;). After a certain time of hard exercising (after about a year) and big muscle growth, the effect of training will not be as visible. After that time changes in the perimeter of e.g. an arm can be 1cm every 3-4 months. Not to mention people who have been working out for some years, where growth of the biceps is e.g. 1cm a year. That’s a difference that you cannot easily see – you have to take a measuring tape, measure and then note down the result so that you will be able to make a comparison next year. That’s probably why most of bodybuilders have piles of papers on their shelves with measurements and workout plans from many years. When there’s not enough space on the shelves anymore, the oldest papers are thrown out and are lost irrevocably.

I aim this paragraph at people who have some experience within the subject of working out. You probably have heard a statement that bodybuilding is getting to know one’s body. Thanks to hours spent at the gym and hectoliters of perspired sweat, our body grows. However there are many different exercises for each group of muscles. Let’s say that there are 20 exercises for the chest. After a couple of years you have done all of them. By now your chest looks like it’s made of steel. You decide to change your workout plan. You would like to choose exercises that your unique body will react best to. You will agree with me that if you are to spend the next six months at the gym, it’s worth it to choose the exercises that you will gain most from. Sounds reasonably though how do you know which exercises are best? If you have never written down the courses of your workout sessions (what exercises, weight and number of repeats) and have never done any measurements, you cannot be certain that you will come up with the best plan.

But what if you have written down all workout sessions on endless amount of paper? Hmmm…well that is something, but I wouldn’t want to be the one to dig through hundreds of illegible papers and try to match the measurements of perimeters to exercises to draw conclusions.

What about motivation? It’s great when it’s there right? It’s much worse if it’s not there. You must have experienced the lack of it many times. Maybe you have been working out a while now and it seems like you’ve hit a wall or that you used to have more strength, energy.

You’re most probably mistaken. You didn’t have more strength before. It’s similar to your measurements. Strength and perimeters grow so slowly that it’s difficult to notice progress. First you lift 50kg, after two months 52.5kg, a couple of months go by and you can now lift 55kg…

Different things motivate different people and I will tell you what motivates me. It’s enough to open my notebook on the first page where I’ve written down the details of my very first workout (weight, number of repeats) and then the last page where I can read how much more I can lift right now.

You know what would be great? To see a chart showing how my strength grew (measurements, weight – cross out as appropriate ;) over e.g. 2 years. Wouldn’t that be great? But who would want to rewrite all results on a piece of paper and then connect the dots? That’s for kids and people who are really bored. If only our notebook could itself draw a chart like that anytime we want it too…


BodyArchitect is a program that allows keeping a journal of exercising and its progress. You can use it to write down al workout sessions: exercises, number of sets, weight and number of repeats. Additionally you have the possibility to write comments to each session of exercises separately or to a workout entry as a whole. Thanks to BodyArchitect you can also write down your dimensions and weight. You have a fast and smooth access to all that information. Forget about piles of scribbled papers. All you need now is BodyArchitect. Starting from the 2.0 version the application enables noting your progress in the aerobics “6” Weider workout.

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